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Hiatus regarding my story · 12:14pm Nov 12th, 2015

Hi guys!
This blog might be kinda short, but I just need to say that my story will be on hiatus for a while.

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Canon and non canon- regarding my friendship games story · 5:43am Jul 2nd, 2015

I just watched the newest friendship games trailer, and OH MY BLOODY GOD, HOW COOL, ERMAGAHD!!!!!!!!!!
But this trailer actually reminded me to tell you this, as I know that this will be an issue constantly raised:
My story is not canon to the film
Seriously, the humane 6's outfits, Princess Twilight's involvement, all the sparkly blood, and all the characteristics are not the same as those in the upcoming amazing movie (AAAAAH ERMAGAHD FANGIRL BRACKETS)

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