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Plans · 3:56pm July 6th

I have 2 plans for the future. First off is to finish TOWTH fully and after that i an thinking of writing a SCP crossover called 'Son of Scarlet'

Looking over my stories i see that the Fnaf one i am writing, i have lost the original idea and am thinking of cancelling it.

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I am. I am just wanting to finish TOWTH as it was my first story and has been going on for 5 years. So it's my main focus

I hope you continue 'The Prince Returns

Really glad you're continuing this. I got scared it was gonna go unfinished like most of these RGRE stories.

A good story is like a hardy meal, filling and fun, but a story that don't get updates dnough is like a buffering video. We all are tantalized by when it will be finished and will continue on. This is why I am sad, as you hooked me on an amazing story, and then ya just leave me to dry on the docks. Not trying to be too pushy, just trying to give you a little nudge while showing my gratitude towards you for making these stories. Ta ta!

Any ETA concerning the next installment of "The Third and Fourth Springlocks"?

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