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Sadly, unable to find the inspiration to write an original story, Scyto has moved on to the next best thing: Trying his talent at Fanfiction!


Here we go... · 12:40am May 17th, 2012

While I wait for the new chapter of PH to come out, I should probably get to work on chapter 3... WHY AM I SO LAZY! ARGH.

I'll have it up in a couple of days, hopefully.

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Nah, I just remember seeing you talking about you writing you own fic on the Project Horizen comments, and decided to check it out.

Thank you for the track! May I ask where you found my story? your the fourth person to track me in two days and it's not exactly unwanted, but surprising is all.
Am I getting some publicity I don't know about? xD or am I just lucky? =3

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