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Do read - and don't

First of all, a little warning: I really, really try to do my best, but English isn't my native language. If I make mistakes - and I suppose, there'll be plenty still, feel free to correct me. One can only learn from experience.

With that being said: I really appreciate recommendations. I try to read a lot and I almost always leave a 'thumbs up' (or down, if necessary). I add it to my favorites, if I liked it. And I add it to my personal recommendation-shelf, if I think it's undeniably, unquestionably... cool. Or simply awesome. And others should read it, too.

But, of course, I don't read everything. In fact, there's a lot I don't read. That includes stories tagged with:
Sad, dark, tragedy, gore - if I want to get depressed, I take a look at my life. Thus I prefer my shiny happy end.
Alternate universe, furry, human, Crossover - I like to read about my little ponies, accent put on ponies.
That being said, I don't have any problem with 'mature' in general. In fact, if the sex scene is written well, it can add a lot to the story.

There are, of course, ships I like more than others. (I read a lot tagged as 'adventure', 'slice of life' or 'comedy', but mostly 'romance'.) Those ships are...
... best:
Applejack x Rainbow Dash
Twilight x Luna

... pretty good:
Fluttershy x Pinkie
Rarity x Pinkie
Scootaloo x Applebloom
Twilight x Celestia

... interesting:
Discord x Celestia
Big Mac x Fluttershy

Thank you for your attention and patience.


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Thanks for adding my story to you read it later. I hope enjoy it when it is read!

Thank you for taking an interest in I'm a loser!

I appreciate you adding "Misplaced Hearts" to your Read it Later list. Thanks for the support! :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for adding Catch And Release to your "Read It Later" list. I do hope that you enjoy it! :pinkiehappy:

Don’t worry, the story will be completed eventually. My time has been drastically reduced, and I have had a few health issues. Still, I intend to complete it. :pinkiesmile:

  • Viewing 75 - 79 of 79
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