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Why Discord isn't in Equestria Girls or Rainbow Rocks · 8:15pm Oct 30th, 2014

A lot of people were disappointed when this guy didn't show up in EQG or Rainbow Rocks.

Well, there a lot of reasons he didn't show up, so I'm going to explain them to you people.

1. Age

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He is not depicted as 60-80 in the FiM. Although he is millenia old, his immortality left him around 30-40 years old. Rememeber that he still have a black hair and grey beard and eyebrows come from his "goat" animal part. Basically they would make him around same age as Celestia. Though there is also possiblity that they would make him a highschool student too. Because of his role that is. Just like Cheerilee was gotten older than Big Mac to fit her into a teacher character, Discord woul get turned into a student so he could fit "Troublemaker" or "School Trickster" postion. That way he could also interact with mane6 (and still doing his gimmick of touching Twilight in every episode xD)

1489056 I'll try my best!

1489053 Then that makes two of us. Sonata x Shimmer for realz... Anyway if I will be looking forward to see more of you work. Would like to see a Sonata, Shimmer Clopfic just to see how those might play out. Anyway thanks for the great story.

1489051 Yes. I think Sonata x Shimmer is canon. And I'm glad you enjoyed my clopfic.

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