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Nullus sum. I do commissions. Check my userpage.

Wall Of Cool Gay Shit

Congrats, You Clicked On My Userpage

All you need to know about me: super gay in a small town. I've got friends in low places. The whiskey flows and the beer chases our blues away. We go to Pride and the rodeo the same weekend. Yeehaw, fuckers.

I bet you're laughing your ass off right now. And you should. But hey, don't get too cocky, now. Pride cometh before a fall... even when all that can beat you is a queen.


$8 per 1K words for one-shots
$10 per 1K words for multi-chapters

I will write about anything except scat, ABDL, gore, vore, torture, bloodplay, inflation, or Fall of Equestria bullshit.

PM me if you want a commission!

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