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I help mod most of the Equestria Girls subreddits on reddit and run the Sunset Shimmer Book Club Discord server.

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We Do What We Must Because We Can · 8:59pm March 20th

After reading RQK's Divergence I decided to write a math paper. The result of this endeavor is Time Manipulations in the Crystal Ball Trilogy. I hereby license it under CC BY-SA 4.0. It should really go without saying, but be wary of spoilers both in the paper and possibly even in whatever

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Thanks for the fav!

All I really did was create a new library for Sunset Shimmer fanfics we discussed in book club meetings we had in /r/SunsetShimmer and then add those three fanfics since they had been discussed. Our original book club host stopped a while back, so now that I've graduated with my math master's degree I decided to resume the book club meetings. Since I'm hosting now I decided to create a book club library to keep track of what fanfics we discussed and make it easier for the other book club participants to suggest unread fanfics. You're welcome to join us on reddit! I know CommissarAJ makes a habit of yelling at horse words every week.

If you're curious, we read The Great Thaw for Meeting #17 back in November 2016, we read On Neutral Ground for Meeting #23 back in January 2017, and we read Just for Popularity for Meeting #30 back in February 2017. We've had a few rough patches where the usual participants were too busy to contribute to the book club; unfortunately, the meetings where we read The Great Thaw and Just for Popularity were two such meetings void of discussion.

Thank you very much for the faves!

Thanks for giving Little Truths a chance! Glad you enjoyed it!

2276477 Okay, now you're just embarrassing me! Albinocorn has sole dominion over the best Sunny stories and universes! :twilightsmile:

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