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Been a while · 11:26am May 26th, 2016

Don't want to use the excuse "I've been busy" , but I have been doing a few things. Anywho, there is an unfinished story in my library that I intend to complete before I finish my enlistment process into the Army.

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651023 I'm glad you liked it, but if i do it most likely won't follow the same storyline because it ended with them going home. Could make a new storyline with the same characters though. :twilightsmile:

Bro make a squeal to enlisted I loved it. It was so awesome :rainbowkiss:

23027hey hazard, lets say I do the twilight fic. How far in the future should it be?

If you do a war story with Twilight it should be in the futureā€¦ that is if you want to keep doing these

I have to admit, the odds of that happening are slim. It surprised the heck out of me that the one with Colbert got the attention it did. I didn't have any future plans to expand on the idea.

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