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Jade Inkwell

A 16 year old pegasister, who is a wannabe author. and mega fanfic writter, whoovian. ODWD, leader of Whoovianism.

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doctor who/ mlp fan fic · 3:28pm Mar 24th, 2015

my doctor whooves fan fic has been delete at my own hand. I only found out to day that on the 30th nov l2014 some one, without my permission, such it on YouTube. That was disrespectful to me as a person and as an author. So, thanks to my friends and those who saw my YouTube request, the sound of the videos have been deleted. I am sorry for the 3 who liked it. But, if you want to put my stories up, please ask, but if you putting up tio shame me - Voiceguy - then don't I am better known on Fan

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its ok now. Youtube deleted the sound.

erm sorry that you had that happen to you? I dunno what to say really...

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