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Stayin' salty~

Why Should I Continue Living?

💚Because everything you want to live for might be in the future. While it might be a dark place now, it might not be later. I can't say the pain will go away. And I can't say it'll stay. There's only one way to figure out if it turns out better or worse- and that's living.💚


Who is Abbi-Arson?

💚Hey there! My name is Abbi! I'm trying to get back into writing, just as much as drawing, and well, ponies are the way to go I suppose! I post much more on Deviantart, and if you want to see more from me art-wise, go there to my DA account! I mostly like writing dark and gorey things, so keep on the look out if that ain't your thing. Stay smart and stay smiling. But most importantly- stay salty.

I love comments, notes, etc.! I love any positive feedback on art/writing and critiques when I ask for them. I love talking, so please, don't hesitate to talk to me! I'm usually very open, unless you say something offensive. But other than that, I'm pretty understanding! I'm well gifted in writing, so if you ever need help writing dialogue or a story, please do send me a message!

I actually love suggestions as well! From story ideas to how my own work can be improved! I enjoy AU's to my heart and soul as well as nextgens. When the two are combined with a AU nextgen ahhhh, it melts my heart. If you have any nextgen stories or AUs, please share them with me! I love to hear about people's ideas and thought processes!

I also adore reading, so if you come across my page, or simply want to suggest something to read, feel free! There's no guarantee I'l actually read it, but I might if I have the time, or if what you sent me, interests me. Nonetheless I appreciate interactivity.

What is Life to You?

💚Life is wonderful, don't waste it. We all have a part in this wonderful world. It is filled with ups and downs, and even though it feels you have no purpose, even the smallest act, can raise a different opinion in mankind. Everyone has choices to make. Sometimes we make good ones, sometimes we make bad ones. But it's the bad things that make us who we are. One change, one act, could change your whole life. Utterly. It can be a timeless loop, or a pause for almost forever. There is more things in life than loss. Than hate. Than sorrow. Anger. There's joy, happiness. Laughter, kindness, loyalty, generosity, honesty, your choice is to use it, to decide to move on or to stay. To use the power, the Magic, you have inside to carry on, and live. Life is brilliant, it truly is. Even though it may not seem like it at times, and you feel it can only be sad. But only if you choose for it to be. Your choice, your day, your year, your life, is all full of decisions, and though you can make mistakes, but try your best to not constantly make them, that's when you loose your friends, and sometimes even your family. They need to trust you won't make the same mistake, that you learned from it, habits are hard to break, but maybe one day, one day, we can stop all the cruelty from going on from this planet, that you should love whomever you wish, rights allowed, not gender in the way, and nobody to judge you for it, if the people can't except you for who you are, they are not your friends, allies or sometimes, unlikely, but sometimes, family. But you must carry on, and find people who do except you, that's moving on. That's being happy. That's taking a chance. And no matter how depressed,
that's living.💚