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I was a shitty person but a good enough writer.

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Returning · 5:49pm Mar 20th, 2016

I decided to get back onto this site once again, for the sake of nostalgia. I did not realize that today marks four years since I first joined. How time flies.

I've missed this community. I truly have. I haven't considered myself a brony for... well over a year. I made my "Leaving" blog a year and thirteen days ago. I'd sort of ostracized myself from the community long before that, I think, although I don't really know when I stopped caring.

And boy, have I stopped caring.

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1443603 I stopped caring for the story, and stopped liking it to the point where I deleted it on an impulse. I really don't regret it. Sorry, man.

What happened to Ms Atom Bomb?

1287848 Sounds good to me. Thanks, broseph. :pinkiehappy:

Reasons you earned my follow:
-That Dirty Dancing porno
-Suddenly, Velocoraptor
-Above featured humorous thing
-Why the fuck not


I know this likely May come across as weird to some but after reading the latest chapter of 'miss atomic bomb' (great story by the way.) I did not think on what occured but rather imagined Levi sitting in a corner in his room in the survey Corp HQ scribbling furiously on a note pad the story while making sure no one sees what he is writing. Though he constantly gets interrupted by missions and this led to slow writing.

Weird as hell I know but I just had to say it.

Also if ideas are the issue I could volunteer to help talk and see what the general concept for the chapter will be and build from there. And if not well I said my piece. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 42 - 46 of 46
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