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New Badfic Review Group · 9:15am Nov 17th, 2014

I got bored, so I thought I'd make a group. Here it is: The Badfic Bin

It's a review group for terrible fanfiction written by mostly noob authors (like me). I know there are plenty others like it, but I wanted to try my hand at running a group, so....yea :scootangel:

I'm currently looking for members/contributors so go join up!

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To my followers, old and new! · 3:36pm Nov 15th, 2014

I thank you for watching!

I shall endeavor to entertain you as best I can, be it with horse words, Rage Reviews, or just a chat about anything and everything if you'd so prefer. I'm all ears (seriously, they're huge) so if you wanna talk about colourful horses or whatever, don't hesitate!

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Much Clop · 4:14pm Oct 31st, 2014

Here's my apology in advance for those reading TLR—Chapter eleven is mostly pure filth. It's the cloppiest piece of clop I've ever written. (So far.) If you like Octavia, then I think you'll enjoy it. It should be up on site in the next day or two.

Also, Twilicorn Fallout crossover is coming along nicely... Sorry for the shameless advertising...

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Twilicorn Project... · 4:21pm Oct 30th, 2014

Okay.... So. I was thinking a little more about the Twilicorn project—and I've decided to make it a Fallout crossover.

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Rainbow Rocks · 1:57am Oct 29th, 2014

So. I finally got around to watching Rainbow Rocks.

I think I'm in love...

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New Project · 7:45pm Oct 26th, 2014

I hath been inspired. I'm gonna start working on a Twilicorn romance HiE (I know everypony is facehoofing—but I'll try my best to make it good)

For those of you who are wondering—yes. It will have clop, but I'm gonna try draw the romance aspect of it out, as I've realised TLR is a bit rushed in that department. Also, this new fic wont be a herd story, just good ol' fashioned monogamy.

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Fimfiction—Y U NO WORK? · 2:51pm Oct 25th, 2014

Errors, errors and more damned errors. Is it just me or is anypony else having problems with loading pages as well? (I don't think it's my tinternet connection because everything else seems to be working fine.)

Just realised I typed 'anypony' instead of 'anyone'.......

......the voices in my head told me to do it....

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TLR Chapter One re-write · 6:37am Oct 19th, 2014

I'm thinking of re-writing the first chapter of The Lone Rider. Every time I read through it I get a serious cringe factor, the sentences are poor—especially the first few paragraphs. Plus I think it might be boring new readers into just giving up on the story, judging it by the first chapter alone. I'd like to think I've gotten a bit better at writing since I started the project, so I could probably make it a bit more interesting. Let me know what you guys think.

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Proofreaders please · 3:37am Oct 9th, 2014

I'm nearly done with the eighth chapter of TLR, I would appreciate other writers having a quick look through for any grammatical errors I may have missed. It isn't on the site yet but if you want to be a proofreader just let me know and I'll send you the unpublished view password when it goes up.

Thanks in advance /)

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