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In a time long before equestrian civilization was a great empire, this empire expanded into the stars and beyond, however years of warfare against rebels and aliens left it in ruin, and after so many years of bombardment the last of the empire just disappeared, until nothing was left... or so it was thought.
In a time before nightmare moon, and the years where ponies expanded out into the world, the princesses make a discovery that could change everything previously thought, an empire only told as myth and legend.
When the princesses unearth long lost artifacts they have no way to operate the technology, where it will sit for centuries waiting to be awoken.

Story tags and notes: New tags may be added through out the story as it develops, as for updates on it, I will try to update it as much as possible but work must be done and time is only finite so there may be a bit of waiting between chapters, however I will still do as much as I can in the spare time I have.
I hope you enjoy the story.

Extra note: The sex tag is for future chapters and may not feature yet (plus I never tried writing stuff like that)

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When Fluttershy finishes her daily routine and is quite dark by this time, the Everfree can be an unforgiving place when you live next to it, as Fluttershy will soon find out.

Not everyone is known about in Equestria though and one person in particular may be pushed to reveal himself after many years.

It may say gore, but it is nothing too brutal, more blood than anything gruesome.

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After Discords defeat and in the midst of rebuilding equestria after the chaos before, ponies began not just building but also searching for memories and items from before discords reign, however what was uncovered was not to be expected as it was found to predate all equine life and known history. The statue that would sit in the royal gardens for years to come as the rise and fall of nightmare moon happened, and would occasionally be used as a special occasion item in rare times, when it was used for the summer sun celebration in ponyville one year after Nightmare moon was defeated and Princess Luna was freed and was to take part in her first celebration for a thousand years, the statue would sit behind the royal sisters and would accent the sun and moon crossing, however what followed was only to leave everypony in awe.

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