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Do not waste your time pinning yourself down to any set religion. No deity cares for the benefit of you or anyone else other than themselves. Do only what benefits you, then what benefits those around

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Button Mash was not your common colt: Most of his pass time activities include playing video games, playing video games, and more playing of the video games
But among that, he also loves doing dares with his friends, almost as much as he loves playing video games with his friends.
But when confronted with a dare that shatters him deep inside, will Button be able to pull through?

Chapter 3 proofread by starzap

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Bunny Crescent was a young adopted filly living with her father Shimmer Cuddle. They both lived a wonderful and happy life together, and led normal lives, ignoring the fact that Bunny had no mother to help raise her.
One day, during a normal recess at school, Bunny has a little accident.
Will Shimmer be able to aid his little filly to health, or will the help of something greater cause her to pull through?

*Disclaimer: this has no involvement with any of the actual characters from the MLP show, and is strictly an OC fanfic.
If you do not wish to read it, please do not view or down vote it*

Chapters (2)
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