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i am a upcoming writer looking for helpful advice from the ponies here on FIMfiction. also Luna is best pony! :)))))


Editor? Anypony? · 6:49pm May 27th, 2015

alright so i am looking for a editor to assist me by telling me how to make my stories better!
Please PM if you would like to help or have any questions.


Assisatance please · 5:02pm Apr 17th, 2015

so i want to write good fics so if you read mine please tell me what you thought could be changed to make it better. I'm looking for FRIENDLY advice not like this:

This is pretty much the perfect example of a badfic.
Well done. 8/8.

This really hurt because i don't know what was wrong just that you thought it was bad. I can't fix it if i don't know what's wrong with and thus, i can't become better.


Stars · 8:35pm Dec 19th, 2014

Look up-

into the sky.

Where the stars shine bright,

and bring forth hope to us.

Looking off into the distant sky-

the stars lose you.

You stare and stare-

you don't think-

you only dream.

They help us dream-

They give us hope-

They show faith.

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