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We are Duo Cartoonist, and we decided to open up a FIMFICTION profile in order to release the script of Tower of Time

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Hello, big fan. I know that this will probably never be read, but there's something I feel like I need to say. I am a HUGE fan of your video's and I still follow your updates on twitter, but there was one specific project of your's that I, like most people, was greatly anticipating. CHOICES. It was something that I was so excited for, and that looked like it would have happened if either Disney or Don Bluth had created my little pony and made a movie. But then I read that you were canceling the project, and ever since then, whenever I watch the released videos or lookup the released images and information about it, I feel great joy. But then I remember that the project is over, and that it's not going to see the light of day. I know that, like you already said, it's impossible to finish it as it was originally intended. But technically, you do have a fimfiction account. And on fimfiction, as long as you follow their rules, you can write whatever your mind can create. As far as I know, the script for CHOICES was never released, so the fans never got to know the full story. So I was thinking, if it was possible for you to simply write down the story on your fimfiction account, that way the story that you wanted to tell gets told and the fans can finally experience the story they have been waiting years to see. I understand if you don't want to or if you just don't have the time. But I, along with many others, hope that you will at least consider it, and i you can't get on your account, you can simply make a new on. Who knows, maybe if you do release the story one your account, then one day either you could try to do the project the way you intended again or with your permission, a brony or pegasister youtuber can turn it into an audio drama or something. Again, it's totally okay if you don't want to. But I still believe in this project, even after all of these years. Thank you for your time, your fan THE KNIGHTS OF HARMONY aka Donnie Lewis Jr.

p.s. If anyone out there on fimfiction can, please send this to Duo Cartoonist, on either their Twitter of Instagram so that they may read this. Thank you. My Little Pony FOREVER!

When will you make a children of the night story?:heart:

Whoooo!! first Follow!

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