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An unknown threat attacked Fillydelphia, and Pfc. Knight Errant was called out to fight it, alongside the rest of his unit. He did as he was trained to, rushing out to defend the city against the magical unknown.

But taking an attack dead-on, Knight finds himself drifting in the void between worlds, unsure if he's dead or not.

Then the goddess of another dimension calls out to him. She's in need of his help, she says, and he's just the mortal for the job. Not wanting to spend the rest of eternity simply drifting in emptiness, Knight agrees, and finds himself in a world in need of the sun's light.

A pony-out-of-place story chronicling the adventures of my paladin, Knight Errant, as he journeys through the somewhat standard fantasy RPG setting of Drona.

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Lucas MacArthur was your typical aristocrat. Second son of the family, he grew up with all the privileges that came with wealth, but none of the responsibility or expectations. He busied himself with books, theater, food, and the pleasurable company of the fairer sex, his natural charm and his skill with a sabre his only talents to speak of.

That was before he died.

Now he finds himself in an alien land inhabited by talking ponies, and his body curiously stronger and faster, though with a strange exhaustion that strikes him under the rays of this place's sun. His mastery of classical literature gives him only one answer:

Lucas MacArthur has risen from the grave as a vampire.

Rated Teen for blood, occasional profanity, and sexual themes, if and when the story actually gets around to them.

Chapters (2)
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