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A fan of WWII and My Little Pony, just trying to have fun writing and help whoever I can.

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This story is a sequel to Asphalt Cowboys

Long Haul, now two years into his time with the crew of Steel Wheels Trucking, has to do some important repairs to Rust Dropper after a long stay on the road. Mason and Xenon show up to lend a helping hoof, and with them, they bring a story behind a certain truck, and its history.

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Long Haul, after Just completing his CDL training, is about to begin his first day as the newest member of Equestria's truck drivers. But, when he is informed that he will be riding along with another driver to get the hang of his new day to day, he gets more than he signed up for. And when all is said and done, he is presented with a decision that could change his life.

Set in a slightly alternate WOAFOHR universe

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Railways are a dangerous and deadly workplace of steel on steel. The machines used on them are unforgiving and demand respect if injury is to be prevented. Often times it is the ones who treat their engines as living things that make it through their career without incident. But when the owners of a railway loose that respect, it can rub off on the employees, and that can easily lead to tragedy. Because of this, a number of stallions created a group that would eventually spread around Equestrian, known as The Guild of Equestrian Railwaymen. Their main goal was to make keep that respect railways deserve alive.
This is a story of when that respect is still ungiven, and an owner doesn't learn from their mistakes.

(set in the WOAFOHR universe)

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