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I'm a SFM-Pony animator and maker of SFM-Pony images (Mainly involving Foals) I had made pictures for almost 3 years along with animations though I might consider trying to write stories here.


So you might be wondering....... · 1:32am Mar 15th, 2019

As you probably might be wondering, I hadn't updated anything in a while, nor have I posted a new chapter of Ponicide, in fact, I even removed the whole story from FIMFiction.

Well 1st of all, I've left the Brony fandom, so I hadn't interacted in Pony sites as often, though I still look at pony art and read stories. There's alot of reasons for my leaving, but lets just say certain obnoxious fans had ruined alot of characters for me.

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Updates again · 1:25am Jun 5th, 2017

Now as you probably know, I've been writing One Colt Army alongside my Co-Writer The Chill Dude. Now unfortunately since he's gonna be busy with for a while including personal stuff going on in his life, he'll won't be available to do any editing of the early drafts yet so until now, my story will be going on Hiatus for a while (Hopefully next chapters will arrive in July)

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The next remaining chapters are about to go into editing soon · 9:23pm May 6th, 2017

The drafts I have written out for the other chapters including part of the main ending have already been planned out and written.
Now since these will be edited all at once, there's a chance that the next chapters will be coming out much sooner so keep a good eye out for the next chapters of the story soon
My co-writer editor will be taking a break though 1st after getting done on one of his stories before editing the remaining chapters

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LOL might revise one or 2 chapters slightly · 6:29pm Apr 16th, 2017

One character has his name spelled differently and I think same character might have a different fur color
EDIT, Chapters 2 and 5 got revived slightly

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Update · 2:26am Feb 18th, 2017

Re-edited Chapter 3 a bit to fit in more with the next chapter.
And also, Chapter 4 should be out soon and some chapters will have some fixes done

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3rd Chapter will be up in like a day or 2 · 5:19pm Feb 10th, 2017

So I just did my final revision of Chapter 3 which will begin the 2nd day of the Story.
I'll be up once the final edits are made.


So..... · 12:41am Jan 18th, 2017

I wonder if I should write some stories here dispite how very simple the short stories for some of my images are (I'll mostly be writing cute stuff with maybe some slight grimdarkness maybe)

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