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I'm a SFM-Pony animator and maker of SFM-Pony images (Mainly involving Foals) I had made pictures for almost 3 years along with animations though I might consider trying to write stories here.

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So you might be wondering....... · 1:32am Mar 15th, 2019

As you probably might be wondering, I hadn't updated anything in a while, nor have I posted a new chapter of Ponicide, in fact, I even removed the whole story from FIMFiction.

Well 1st of all, I've left the Brony fandom, so I hadn't interacted in Pony sites as often, though I still look at pony art and read stories. There's alot of reasons for my leaving, but lets just say certain obnoxious fans had ruined alot of characters for me.

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So discord will hunt them down

Thank you for the follow!

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