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OK I've just seen the new trailer for the pony movie · 4:27am Jun 29th, 2017

And I've got some questions concerning the plot.

so spoilers ahed.

Where are the guards?

Where is Celestia?

I'm serious. when the movie starts with a letter from Celestia saying

"Dear SunsetTwilight Sprinkles Sporkle

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Yeah well I decided to change my Name · 1:23am Jan 21st, 2017

A (somewhat late) happy new year everybody :pinkiehappy:

I hope this year will be a whole lot better than the last.
That shouldn't be to hard because, the last year was one of the worst years I've ever seen.
I lost my younger brother due to a car crash. :fluttercry:
He lost controll over his vehicle and collided with an oncomming car.
he died almost instantly.
He was twentyfive years old and left behind a two year old daughter.:fluttercry:

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Ok I usually don't do blogs n stuff BUT ... · 4:27pm Apr 1st, 2015

I just watched the first three episodes of

And I can't stop laughing

If you haven't already seen it yet, WATCH IT.

I'm totally serious WATCH IT NOW!

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