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I'm not super active so don't expect new stories </3

To do list (Bolded ones means I achieved them in Quotev)

Publish a story ✓
Write a story with 10,000 words ✓
Reach 10 followers ✓
Get a visible rating on a story ✓
Write a story with 20,000 words ✓
Reach 20 followers ✓
Reach 10 up votes on a story ✓
Write a story with 30,000 words ✓
Write a One Shot ✓
Reach 20 up votes on a story ✓
Write a story with 50,000 words ✓
Reach 30 followers ✓
Write a story with 100,000 words ✓
Proofread someone else's story ✓
Reach 50 followers ✓
Write a clopfic ✓
Collab on a story ✓
Get 1,000 views on a story ✓
Reach 30 upvotes on a story ✓
Reach 50 upvotes on a story ✓
Reach 100 upvotes on a story ✓
Get a story on the popular list ✓
Get 2,000 views on a story ✓
Reach 100 followers ✓
Reach 200 followers ✓
Make a blog ✓
Make 100 blogs ✓
Have a story featured ✓
Steal a check list from Zyrah ✓

Those Ships I love (Rainbow Dash Ones)

People do weird ships, I probably do the weirdest that are probably just super WRONG in their own ways...here they are...

Soarindash- this is TOP! I ship it day and night...in my sleep, in the car, just anywhere...sometimes I get the urge to ship other stuff...

Macdash- that other stuff I ship XD it is my second OTP!

DiscoDash- I do this less then I thought I would...weird...

SpikeDash- I dislike this one more the DiscoDash but it's fun to plan in my brain, I wouldn't fanfic it though.

ShadowDash- Shadow is my OC (same as 1276 other people's!)

ChanglingDash- it's a thing XD

TrenderDash- only because I'm bored.

TornadoDash- Tornado is my OC...You can read this ship in A Mother's Love!

ThunderDash- remember Thunderlane? Yeah me neither XD

RainbowBlitz- only when I'm deadly bored.

Zephyr Dash - Yus

I ship all straight Rainbow Dash ships! (All I can find that is...update this soon...)

Would you like me to give a care?

Writer's Prayer by Debby Giusti

Lord, inspire me to write stories that touch readers' hearts. Breathe your spirit into my characters so they come alive on the written page. Help me develop intriguing plots full of twists and turns that capture the imagination and move the story to a satisfying resolution. Keep me focused and on schedule, and take away any fear or sense of inadequacy that blocks my progress. Give me courage to step out in faith, to stretch and grow, and to be the writer you have called me to be.


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Just fine, tho thing's could be batter. Have you seen the recent episodes?

BOOP!! Hay Spectrum, how are you doing?


Oh gosh I didn't see you both said that D:

Merry After Christmas

Happy New Year


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About me

I'm a seventeen year old girl!
I'm Biromantic it seems
I ship too gay ships (if thats even possible)
I have brown eyes and brown hair
I'm human.
I'm a baptized Christian
I support Trump
I'm a rebel

I have a theme song:

I am an ENFP.
My personality is 1 in 150 million (About 2% of the population
I have high levels of depression for some reason but that's just cause I'm loney XD
I update my short bio with something silly every day :D
I hate math but for the first week of my second semester in high school (still freshman year) I had a 100% grade in math.
I'm probably gonna be a doctor but I like history more than cutting people open.
I am the queen of sarcasm and the lady of savagery; I am the empress of sass and the monarch of fandoms. Bow to me. Please. I will give you free food.


Took a really long personality test XD · 2:48pm Apr 21st, 2017

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