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Bat Pony or Deep One? · 6:19pm April 18th

Hello fellow readers and writers.
I have a small dilemma. It's about my Ponysona.
Should I be a Bat Pony or a Deep One?

For those who don't understand, Bat Ponies or Thestrals are a canon race of Pegasus Ponies that made their debut in the season 2 episode 'Luna Eclipsed'. They're basically Pegasus Ponies with bat-like features.

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Anthro or Not? · 5:18pm March 2nd

Hey, fellow readers and writers. I have a small question.
As you know, my Element of Empathy story is a Human in Equestria story, but I've reach a certain dilemma.
Should I continue with my story being with Anthro Ponies? Or should I change it to the talking quadruped Ponies we're familiar with?
Please let me know what you think.

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