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All My Friends Are Heathens: Character Bio · 7:35pm November 29th

Former Human Name: Eleanor May Carter.

Current Pony Name: Obsidian Mystic Quartz Pie.

Nicknames: Mystic Quartz, Myst, Mystie.

Age: 25 - 26 years (Current).

Gender: Female/Mare.

Race: Earth Pony.

Alignment: Good, Mane 6, Elements of Harmony (Representing Empathy), Princess Luna, Pie Family.

Height: Same as Obsidian 'Minkie' Pie.

Weight: Unknown.

Mane/Tail Color: Ravenette with pink streaks.

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Hey there Frost, Welcome Back to Fimfiction!


Your welcome

Not too bad, thank you. ^_^

Hello, Wrex. How are you?

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