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Hello, Readers I am Angel_Dusty. I will be writing fanfiction for the first time; I will hope that you will like it.


Doing a Story maybe. · 12:37am Feb 5th, 2015

Working writing a story but, still not sure what at lease I can try long there is kindnesss. (damn that short):twilightsheepish:

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Typing Blah Blah · 10:40am Jan 28th, 2015

I am shy, when comes to my creativity in typing and drawing things with knowing that I am lacking skills and tools, to do most of the things. Because in school no one was willing to help me learn to write or/and type. Basically only learn how from the internet, thinks to role playing and my second oldest brother, also from others that were willing to help me learn. I still question my grammar sometimes and other skills that are part of typing/writing. So bear with me and be kind.

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