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I also sometimes go by Nickybuttons or variations of that. You can call me Nick you if you want, idc. I occasionally write but I'm not especially confident in it. Changelings and griffons are neat.

Short Bio

AKA: Really just expanding on my description banner.

For anyone who cares to know this is just some more general information about me. I also go by Nickybuttons or some variant on that. My actual name is Nick, you can call me that if you want I dont really care.

I started using this site in late 2014 then took a massive break from it in mid 2016. I came back to it in late 2018 and updated my profile a lot, just in case you're from back then and are confused as to why everything is different. Also in advance sorry for any cringey stuff I may have left behind from back then.

I'm a guy who tends to overthink too much. I write sometimes but I'm generally not confident enough to post anything online, that might change in the future though. I used to follow MLP:FIM pretty closely but stopped watching it much roughly after the fourth season. Excepting important episodes. Still fairly active in the fanbase.

I think Griffons are neat and generally like them. Pretty much the same goes for Changelings. To a lesser extent I also like Bat/Deer-ponies. Just to clarify the griffon in my profile picture is not my OC, he's Governor Muck from HoI4 EaW.

I use commas, like way too often, it's sort of a problem of mine, especially if I'm not paying full attention, to what I'm writing.

I'm sorta into WW2 and have some interest in warfare and history. Semi related to that I'm really into world-building and alternate history. Outside of MLP I think robotics and AI are cool. I'm a massive nerd for Star Wars and the Fallout series. I don't have a favorite color but if I was forced to choose it would probably be yellow or blue.

That's pretty much everything I'm comfortable sharing here.

"Fuck it. I quit" - Governor Muck, probably

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Yo, my dude. How's it going?

I know you probably don't remember me (and that's for the better, let's be honest), but I have come to thank you.

See, five years ago I posted a story. An awful story. Perhaps the awful story.

The comment you left was, to say the least, scathing.

It was harsh, perhaps even unnecessarily so. But you know what? It helped me change for the better. My writing and formatting has (hopefully) improved significantly since then, partially thanks to you and some other harsh criticism I've received from other people (even if some of it is a bit over-dramatic).

Back then, when I was just a kid responding to what I saw as a "hate comment", I never would have thought I would be coming back five years later to thank that person. But, here I am.

I can see that you haven't logged in for a couple of months prior to this comment's posting (wew, 2020's been flying right by!), but I'm hoping that you'll come back someday and see this, even if it's fifteen years in the future and you're just logging in again to see if the site is still alive. I just want you to know that you have genuinely helped me; for this, I am ever-grateful.

Well this one time I was sitting in my chair when I realized that I wanted to change the channel on my TV and the remote was too far away.

2076018 Uhhhh, always talking about YOUR problems. What about mine? I stubbed my toe! *diva*

Some dont, others argue for it.

Sorry for the REALLY long reply time, I recently had a major surgery so I haven't had the chance to reply for a while.

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