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I am known as Digigex90 on DA and I do like to my own MLP Stories. for this account, I might be publishing The Ultimate Fate and other fanfics.


New Fanfiction · 3:25am Sep 1st, 2015

Hello everyone, it's beena while since i did a blog post. anyway, IF you guys are interested and i hope it gets popular enough, Some point int eh future I'm going to post my fanfiction Fallout Equestria: Zeta Aftermath on here.

I'll do the description once i post the fanfiction. But i do need enough support to do so and when i do post it i know they're people that aren't going to like it but i hope it isn't majorly disliked.

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Thanks for watching me back!

It has been a while on this site.

Nice to have ya here on fimfiction. If you need help, just ask. (FYI, this is penguinator24 from dA here):pinkiehappy:

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