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SevenWays 56

So how are you all?

My aligment

My Phrases

Insanity what is Insanity

The Age of the New Gods is Over! So beings the Age of The Anti-God!

Gods come and go only Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, Delirium exist Endless!

If many share the same Dream it can come true

When one Dreams Stories are told.

Politics dehumanize everyone, in it's very nature is to blind everyone to the similarities to each other and between the political thought itself

Democracy in itself seems to be more of a lie the more you think about it, it never has and never will exist

My personal thoughts

Human nature is whatever anyone says it is because humans nature can be summed up into, "I'm right, your wrong!" nothing more nothing less.

All politics are bullshit because they are always to ridged.

When I want I laugh I go see a flame war.

If you are still reading this you either hate me, or not.

Life sucks and no matter what you do it's always going to. At least you can try to take it with a smile and a laugh.

Warning Hate Detected

The Endless








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Random stuff

"No matter what remember all. The Dream never end, and Life continues to grow."

I am a RPer as well

I'm now not writting any more stories so...

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Happy Birthdauy · 7:38pm September 6th

Yep again my birthday has come. Well besides that I am planning something new. Something grand. Hopefully I won't forget it. As for today I will watch my MCU DVD collection so sorry.


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