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I like to read pony fiction and am interested to write some of my own, but more importantly, I'm a Christian, believing in the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

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Do You Think You're Going to Heaven When You Die?

Are you concerned about going to Heaven? Doubtful about your afterlife? Afraid of dying because you don't know where you're going?

No matter what your answer is, go here to find out the truth: http://www.needgod.com/

You need God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Afterthoughts: Society as We Know It · 7:48am January 27th

"Society as We Know It" is a story about reformed changelings. And, to be honest, that's it at the very core. While some of the chapters do focus more on the ponies than on the changelings, the overarching theme of it all is the changeling race after their wholesale...change. Now that it's been over a month since the end of that long tale, what's left to say?

How it All Started: Or, When a New Year's Resolution Meets a Contrarian Meets Productivity Goals

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Thanks for the fave! Tell me what ya think when its done! :twilightsmile:


I thank you for the comment along with the welcome, and I welcome you for the favorite. :)

Thank you for favouriting 'My Family and Other Equestrians'. :twilightsmile:

And welcome to FiMfiction. :pinkiehappy:

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