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(A side project to lift Writer's Block)

Hi, the name's Fleetfoot, nice to meet you. I'm sure you know me best as that Wonderbolt who won by a nose, or as that one who engaged in underhand activities with Spitfire. While those are all true, there is one thing they left out from my file regarding computers, due to legal concerns. No, you won't find any programs to hack into the Bank of Equestria here, but you will find some of my e-mails and other useful information I have collected from my pals. Let's just say its all sweet, alright?

Largely inspired and based off David Thorne's creations. You should check out his website; his stuff is hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:
Sex and Gore tags for references (Nothing explicit)
Each chapter is an independent story of its own (Unless stated)
As always, feedback is welcome.

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(Being edited, summary rewritten)

Have you ever had one of those moments when you screwed up? Like, really, really screwed up? Cause it only took a few pony features and the loss of manhood for me to finally realise the situation at hand, and the fact that a few of my friends landed in the same boat with me as well. How the heck are we going to do our commutes, or school for that matter? Wait, weren't we supposed to find that out ourselves when we agreed to this whole deal?

Needless to say, it doesn’t take long for a few idiots like us to complicate the situation we got ourselves in. Now if everyone could just keep themselves alive, that would be great.

Contains gender bending, transformation, crude humour and potentially sensitive topics.
As always, criticism is welcome.

Update, May 12/2016: Cancelled until technical issues are fixed. New chapters incoming! :raritywink:

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Scootaloo takes an aimless walk one evening, learning some important lessons about life.

Inspired by this song, self experience, and a fic I read once (The name I forgot unfortunately)
Edited by myself, written in about two hours to get back the writing mood after a period of hiatus.

Update, 2/12/15: Some minor errors picked out.
Update, 2/28/15: More fine tuning applied towards the ending.

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