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1470876 why thank you I try although truth be told i think i need to redisgn my page a bit its getting a bit dated.

Anyway her stories are indeed quite wonderful I just wish more people could see that, but I suppose they just lack the ability to see it do to the radical nature of them. I fear shes a bit too far ahead of curb for most people

Hi there, Nine Tails!

Thanks for the kind note, friend. There is something really inspiring about how Chatty works compassion and hope for a better future into all of her conversion bureau stories.

I've poked about your profile a bit, and you seem like a cool pony. Yay!

Hello my friend
I just wanted to come and personally thank you for the kind words you send to Lady Chatty. Its truly nice to see someone appreciate her wonderful vision of humanities (although someday i hope not) fictional assention into a new and better pony form.
Anyway i wish to offer you my hand or i guess in this situation hoof in frienfship

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