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The story of life, love, struggle, and southern comfort - told by one of the older mares in Ponyville. The warmth that fills the hearts of a family is as welcome as apple cider on a cold winter night.

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Everypony knows the legend of the Mare in the Moon, but did you ever hear the tale of the night after? Not everypony knew her as the Nightmare she became, and even though many forget, even a wayward goddess was loved. This is the story of that love that lasted a thousand years of light.

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No one expects to go to sleep and never wake up. There's always tomorrow, or the next day. There was always time. So, when a young life is extinguished before its time, it becomes especially difficult to handle. When the spirit of that life is forced to face and accept her death, what will become of her afterlife? Scootaloo will soon be faced with this tragedy, and this is her story.

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