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So You Have Depression... · 3:56am Jun 5th, 2018

The trick to it is suicide. And the trick to suicide is procrastination. It's true. Give yourself a day. Go on. Do it. Set the date and time, then go out and get your affairs in order. Talk to friends and family, watch a movie, look at the news, try a new game or beat an old one, pick a fight or take a flight, just go out and do your bucket list. Just one day, the last day. Have you done it? Lived your last day just the way you wanted? Good. It's that time now. It's fine to say no, I'll take

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Fallout: Equestria Idea: What if the Mane Six(And Spike) of today were dropped into Fallout: Equestria? · 6:34am May 23rd, 2018

What do you think would happen?
What would their reactions be?
What would the Wastelander's reactions be?
How would they fare?
What would happen?
What if Fluttershy meets Fluttershy?
What weapons would they have?
Would they have weapons?

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Our Dogs · 5:32am Mar 30th, 2018

Our dogs are our companions.
It may seem like we care for them,
But more often than not,
They care for us far more
Than we do them
They must be the stupidest things on earth...
What did we do to deserve such love?

Maybe we're the fools?
No, worse.
Maybe we're the monsters.
Either way,
Dogs are our companions.
Far more forgiving and loyal than us.

Our first dog is the one we carry the longest
We teach them tricks
And maybe if we're clever enough,

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I feel so lonely... · 8:25pm Mar 23rd, 2018

IN all seriousness, it would be nice if somebody commented on my story.

I mean writers who publish typically write for people to read. They want to see the reactions, the comments, the speculation! i mean likes are nice and views too, but damn it, would it be too much to even have a little comment here or there?

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Why is Clearing Away the Bloody Mists Popular? · 6:33pm Nov 13th, 2017

I've been getting so many more updates on how this story is popular.

Why now?

Depending on your answers, I can try and contact Trondason for another chapter, but I make no promises as he and I are busy with real life.

It's a miracle I've even been able to publish stories lately.

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Been a While · 6:52am Oct 18th, 2017

Yip yap yuppity doo.

It's been a while since I've made a blog.

Seeing as I've started becoming a top notch writer,(I kid), I've decided to blog more. Yay!

Now what to blog about?

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Fanfictions · 5:51am Jul 18th, 2016


Little Snags · 9:48pm Jan 1st, 2016

Should the snag encounter you,
Do kindly let it pass.
It means not much to One such as Ourselves.
It will hurt when you fall over it..
It will bleed when you cut it.
It will pain you when you punch it.
It will most likely be the most oppressive thing you encounter.
But know that it is simply a snag.
A little itty bitty snag.
And that snag be yourself.
Let tht snag flow past you.
If it does not flow then balance on that rope across the river.

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Sky · 6:25am Dec 4th, 2015

I like to wonder sometimes.
It’s a bit strange.
I mean the sky.
But what is the sky?

Lying down on grass, cement, anywhere above the underground,
We can see it.
And it is most commonly blue,
Maybe red at times,
Purple if you’re lucky,
Grey if you’re unlucky,
And if you believe some people, green.

And inky black at night.
And the clouds are shades of grey and white,
But never black.
Except at night.

And pitch white according to Olber’s paradox.
It’s an interesting one.

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Just to make it clear... · 5:03am Nov 19th, 2015

PM me. Anytime. I'll try and respond, but no promises if I'm REALLY BUSY.

Or grounded.

Or no wifi.

Think of all the circumstances.

I'll try and respond.

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