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Hi, I am not a brony, but love good stories and this site has yielded many good works, also I'm a person who likes villains and thinks spike needs a bigger role in show than he has now.


It's alive!!!!!!!!!!! · 1:38am Aug 22nd, 2019

Hello to everyone who has stayed loyal to my original story. I bring great news! The story lives again on fanfiction.net and is slowly being revised to have a real plot behind it. my username for fanfiction is old666. hop on over there if you would wish to see the new version of the story.

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Happy 19th unbirthday to me · 5:23pm Feb 13th, 2016

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Cards versus humanity · 11:04pm Sep 8th, 2015

Anyone up for some rounds?

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ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! · 12:07am Sep 3rd, 2015

That's right people if you are reading this then the story is not dead.I have finally gotten a message and The Dark Soul has been given permission to continue my story he is still as of this blog waiting for the admins to give him the go ahead to begin it. I know you guys didn't like my grammar in the story and i say that the reason for that is it was made up as i went along. I fell more like i am better suited to helping create ideas , so if you're in need of ideas due to writers block pm me

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end for now · 2:52am Jul 22nd, 2015

I am sorry to say that I will not be continuing the story as I have no time to work on it and lack of motivation. The story is up for grabs to anyone who would like to bring my story to its full potential. If you are interested please pm me.

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Help needed · 10:15pm Apr 24th, 2015

Hi, this is flyingtigers40. I am looking for a editor for my story The Wyvern's Awakening. PM me if you are interested and you be given credit for helping with this story.

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decent spike cross overs · 8:23am Feb 14th, 2015

i am typing this up because i have looked and seen a few but was wondering if anyone knew any good stories involving spike disappearing for a long time then all of a sudden reappearing as one thing or another?

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future stories · 1:25am Sep 12th, 2014

hi, this is code name flyingtigers40. I am in the middle of forming a story and need help from YOU, the reader to construct this story. This is going to be a final destination crossover but i am in need of ideas for how they die and what accident that was suppose to kill them they survive . I have one rule for the story. NO ROMANCE. This will be a strict dark, gory story and if i'm lucky will even rival cupcakes in brutality, so it will most likely have a mature rating. The characters that i am

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