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Winner of the fluffiest snoot award, 2017. (That's totally a real award, don't lie to me)

Story updates

Just a little box for general story update progress. For a more detailed overview, please go check out the forum on my group 'Odium'.

Fireteam Odium: This story will generally be updated sometime before two weeks has passed since the previous chapter. I write slower to prevent burning out which would remove motivation for the story.

Epsilon-6: Temporarily stopped so I can work on Odium. This story will be continued in time.

A New World: This story will not be updated for a while. I may come back to this sometime in the future.

Echo-4882: It will take work to restart this. I will need to do a rewrite and that is going to take a significant amount of time to do.

The section that nobody cares about where I tell people about myself!

-Welcome boop-

Looks like all the cool kids are doing these, so I figure I might as well make my own.

Age: 19, going to be 20
Country: England
Gender: Trans, biologically male, but prefer to be referred to as a female. (I won't freak out if you don't, though :twilightsmile:
Hobbies: Gaming, writing. What, you expected more? Haha, I wish.
Birthday: 21st of october

That's it I think. The pon that I use as my picture is Echo, my OC.

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I know, I waited for the cliff hangers, then just got distracted.

Then hiya! You know the story isn't going anywhere, right? You can pick any time to read it, it's not like it's gonna disappear tomorrow :twilightsmile:

Just felt like saying hi. :rainbowwild: I also for some reason s read Odium at night... :applejackconfused: loving the new pic btw

Thanks, man, good to see you again.

Yo, just thought I'd check up on you after glancing at the story you edited for me in the past. Glad to see your doing something you like. I may check out your stories at some point.

Cheers, lad.

Oh, and great profile pic.

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