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I've been a Pegasister since 2012 and I really love to give people advice just like Twilight Sparkle. :3

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Twilight Sparkle was now a princess and tries to balance her new role. She always look into her scroll everyday, she called it 'The Friendship Diary' but it's no ordinary diary, written in her scroll, she sees future events that will happen to her, now there was something else she doesn't know...{Based on the anime "Future Diary", all rights belong to their owners.}

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After was crowned 'Princess of Friendship', Twilight continues to balance her role, her friends, and something missing in her head. She had a vision about a black hedgehog named Shadow, who was awaited with her arrival, and was also having a certain feeling that Twilight will never return to her dimension.

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Transferred from Cloudsdale to Ponyville, Rainbow Dash was having a great time...until she overheard a murder at the night of the Summer Sun Celebration. Thinking it was one of her friends, she goes on the hunt for the murderer, until everything goes to a dangerous turn. Based on the anime "When They Cry" (aka Higurashi), inspired by the YouTube video. All rights belong to their owners.

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Pinkie Pie felt guilty of what she had done after she killed her friends. She was then desperate to discover that she damaged 50% of Ponyville. She was then given a decision whether or not if she'll apologize or die at the edge of Equestria...but also discovered another thing...she was no longer connected to the element of Laughter. Will she get her Element of Laughter back? (The setting takes place after the viral video "Smile HD")

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