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If your looking for a happy ending... he he he... look somewhere else


Currently Working on
My 11+ Non-Pony Series called "The Guardians". It will be published on Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/KirbyTAB

Stories to come
Shhhhhhh..... nothing....

My OCs: Nero Moon, Rose, Steelix, Caroline, Frostbite, Damion, FireSpark, Jewel, Ruby, Kirby (Pony, Wolf, and rabbit form), Zuri, Nurse Care, Jane, Feather -Pen Clark, Shadow, and more to come
Real Name: David Kirby
Nickname: Kirby
Favorite types of music: Rock, Dark Metal, Electronic Metal, Death Metal, and Metalcore
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing video games, and writing
Future plans: I want to make music and also I want to try animation
Social media: I have a Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube account
Am I a clopper?: No, if you are then whatevs
Am I a Shipper?: No, however some of my OCs are going to be paired together. In my stories
I will not ship the Elements or any background charecters
Will my stories contain gore?: Oh Fuck Yeah!
Will my stories cotain cursing?: I dont know what does my answer to the question above tell you.
Will my stories be happy?: Well I try my best to have some happy moments but other than that my stories will be dark
Pony Stories
Nero Life Redux(Incomplete/Hiatus)
The Shadows (Rated M/Incomplete)
Non-Pony Stories
2 Bodies 1 Soul (Not avalible to public)
(This is my main focus on stories so Chapters/Stories won't appear here often)

My 4 top rated Stories