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whats there to know about me? i am a long time mlp fim fan, i personally think celestia is a terrible ruler, im a doctor whooves fan, and i rooted for discord. what? harmony gets BORING after a while.


well well well well well. im now in a relationship. · 2:03am May 9th, 2015

its mostly a online thing with a person I know, who calls himself Oracle, and I wont post his real name.
hes 15 (turned 15 in march), hes pretty sweet, and were just starting to figure this out, since before he decided to go out with me, another girl broke his heart.
I personally hate that girl, shes a bitch in more ways then 1,000,000,000,000.
so.......... yep. :duck:

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ERMERFERKINGAWD I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! · 11:57pm May 4th, 2015

I have had it up to HERE trying to fix my grammer on my storys. yes, I do have a semi-sorta editor (person, you know who you are. I just forgot your username. XD) but I have a odd habit of posting two ' instead of one ", due to the fact I have to use ' while im roleplaying on moshi.

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things MlP:fiM taught me! · 1:53pm Mar 31st, 2015

if you get on my bad side, I WILL LOVE AND TOLERATE THE SH:fluttershyouch:T OUTTA YOU. *glare*

everything can be fixed with friendship, apparently. (unless its a spider. for me, those get fixed with flamethrowers.)

lets face it. Lunas best princess. we all know that.

chaos can be seriously fun.

Equality doesn't nessesairily mean friendship. we can be on different sides of the PLANET and you and I can still be friends.

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why are people following me?! · 7:26am Mar 31st, 2015

no, seriously.

I haven't posted any story, or anything! I mean the only thing I do is read storys, track and fave a bunch of storys I like (I have like over 200 unread storys in my favorites box.) and maybe comment on a persons page or on the story, saying I like it.

WHY AM I BEING FOLLOWED? that might or might not sound kinda wrong if you put me beng followed in a different way and not online.

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