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Sunset Shimmer and Vinyl Scratch have been dating for some time, but the fact that their sex life relies on drugs is pushing them apart. Vinyl does her best to change that.

An entry for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings. Rated T for strong language (a single F-bomb is dropped), drug use, and discussions of sex.

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Like all things, even gods come and go. Though clergy would have you believe otherwise, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were not the first divine beings in Equestria, and though the time of the Old Gods has come and passed, they leave behind relics of their era, aeons old. Such things are not always noticed, but they sometimes rear their head in unexpected ways.

Princess Luna, a goddess with a penchant for traditions of old and an appreciation for the finer, darker things in life. Only having returned from her exile to the moon for a scant few years, she finds herself being drawn to a particular mortal to help fill a void that had only grown over the thousand years she spent alone, wallowing in envy and abhorrence. While not sure of the nature of her needs, she is at least aware of who she wants to fill them, although she doubts her feelings could be understood, let alone returned.

Fluttershy, a pegasus whose kindness saturates nearly every fiber of her being, has been having dreams most strange as of late, and she does not know why. She has no idea what even goes on in them, truly; speaking in an eldritch voice that brings about death, seeming to suck the life force from the very earth itself, she is thoroughly terrified that she can even dream of such things. At the very least, she is thankful for the Princess of the Night aiding her in times so dark.

The two of them see each other in very different ways, and seem almost completely unable to relate, but when Luna takes an interest not just in Fluttershy but also her alien night terrors, the princess is intrigued, and may discover that it could be just the push she needed to speak with the mortal face-to-face. With that push, building something more between them as they continue to meet than a goddess' fancy for a lesser being is seemingly less far-fetched.

A sort-of alternate universe, it is fundamentally the same, with a few differences in Equestria's ancient history. The ponies are, for all intents and purposes, 'human'. However, unicorns do keep their horns, pegasi are still winged (and have some physiological traits to fit that), and alicorns remain blessed with both. This also takes place post-Tirek, though I'll be vague in just how far past that it takes place, since I fell out of touch with the series beyond that point. The romantic focus of the story is Lunashy, although there are other pairings that may or may not show up. The rating is T for now, other characters will be added as they come, and the cover art is going to be replaced by something of my own making... eventually.

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