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Updates. *sigh* · 3:42pm Dec 22nd, 2014

These new updates sure are weird.

Umm, does anyone out there know if I can change the black module where my avatar is on? I want to have it light blue, instead of black, but I'm not sure if I can do that..

Anyway, these updates are kind of annoying..

The way they were, actually I liked it more.

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Maybe life is better after all... · 5:40am Dec 18th, 2014

I'm recieving a lot of kidness from the users of fimfiction..

I'm feeling a lot better right now, more inspired..

I think I can recover, and I think there might be help somewhere..

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A Short Hiatus... · 9:11pm Dec 17th, 2014

I'm rather depressed right now..

Okay, severly depressed..

So I won't be online for most of the time, I might be online all the time, an hour, a day, a week, you never know, I'm not saying I'm leaving, or I'll be gone for a long time, I just have been through painful things in the last two days, and really need a timeout.

I'm trying to hold on guys, I know none of you care if I'm gone, but anyway, just a little hiatus from me now, so if you don't see me for a while, you'll know.

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User Name Vote · 11:52pm Dec 11th, 2014

I would like some of you guys (if your reading this) to comment on the blog and tell me which name might suit me the best..

I'll see how many ones would like the name and have a vote since I can't decide.

Here are the names (which name you like the best?):

Pedra Rica: Votes 0.

Palmas Rica: Votes 0.

July Heat: Votes 1.

Tropical Heat: Votes 0.

Juniper Sky: Votes 2.

If you have another name suggestion please mention it.

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Truth About Suicide.. · 5:05am Dec 8th, 2014

I'm not sure if most of you have known about Lady Twilight stating her suicide..

And it made me think..

Why do we have to feel this way? Many people ask. What's it like?

In case any of you want to know. It feels..

Well, let me add one thing, depression does not have to be felt even if you have a great life, my depression seems to be eating at me inside like a tape worm..

Reading Lady Twilight's blog will probably be similiar to mine.

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Why did you follow me? · 12:50am Nov 28th, 2014

Great thanksgiving dinner today! And I happened to be wondering as I was doing my homework, I was lucky to have 48 followers in three months going on four! I felt lucky, even though some may get more followers than I do, I feel glad to have this amount, halfway to 100, and I have 100 story views and more on some of my stories, most folks like them!

I'm thankful for such a rewarding progress!

Why did you follow me? Why did you like my stories?

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Happy Thanksgiving!! · 4:57am Nov 27th, 2014

Well, it's not been Thanksgiving yet, only 24 more hours for me, but I'm in the mood for a post, not only on thanksgiving but also what's going on in my life..

I met someone I like, she seemed really smart, and didn't approve of Colombus being such a national hero, a comment I agree thouroghly, and she was really patient with a lot of us, I'm not saying crush, but she seems decent, and she's older..

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Name change.. · 11:20pm Nov 25th, 2014

I love the ocean, and surfing, and I wanted a name that ad me more connected for the thing I love, so here I am! My name is to feel the cool splash of ocean water on my face on a hot day surfing or swimming in the ocean.

I wanted a new fresh start..

I love my name Rose June, and wouldn't want anyone else to have it, but I want to go somewhere new, as I said fresh start..

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Death... · 4:55am Nov 22nd, 2014

Well, living on a 200 hundred acre ranch is awesome, but today a bad thing happened..

My grandparents own the ranch, and we live on it, so were basically neighbors, my family with our grandparents..

Anyway, one of our dogs have gone missing, and were worried, hasn't been back for two days as she usually does, were assuming the worst, and think she's dead..

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Salute To Veterans! (Seriously?) · 10:51pm Nov 11th, 2014

Read the whole article befofe you say your opinion...

Happy Veterans Day!

I shall say no!

Everyone is talking about how great our country is and salute the brave soldies of the United States! Well, they are fighting for the stupidest reasons!

I'm gonna sound hateful. I have a grandfather who's a vetan and he is far from any "honor" of war! Why the hell is this a celebration?

I'm not giving a damn about this holiday..

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