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Girls of Canterlot High

Hello! It's nice to meet you. I am your Equestria Girls love story guru! Welcome to our little adventure together.

Welcome ALL!

I'll skip the long bio and simply welcome you as a new or revisiting friend to my home! Here I have multiple different shipping concepts all come to life, many of which interlock and interlace together into a unique world. If you stay for a bit or for a while, enjoy a glimpse into the world of Canterlot High and the beautiful city it resides in.

My mission is to tug the heartstrings and to stimulate a kindling flame of passion in all of us, so please allow me to share that passion with you. Thank you!

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  • 53 weeks
    I know I keep teasing at the return from the dead, but I can finally confirm it's true!

    Hello all, and I'll skip right to it since it's been literal years.

    I have over 16 pages with once scene left in the works for a new chapter of my latest story.

    I know I should keep this blog post short and sweet since I have a nagging feeling many of you won't be too interested in hearing all about the past many moons, so I'll simply invite those who wish to chat to the chatty chat up above.

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we miss you, please come back :raritycry:

So... Is he dead?

Just asking.

Taking up space. Because I think I'm funny...
Ill shut up now

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