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Angel Star

I like writing fan-fics mainly about my OC. I also like randomness, CAKE, any fan-fics with Luna or NMM, and I freaking LOVE animals!

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New story is up! · 5:25pm Oct 29th, 2014

Hey guys! I finally have a new story up called Let's Be Bat Ponies For A Day! Hope you enjoy it, and happy Nightmare Night! :D

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1402259 I know. I can't believe they hate her just because she's an Alicorn oc and all, but after all the stuff she went through she AT LEAST deserves a hug!…Maybe two…or three…OH NYX!!! I would so give you a billion hugs after ALL that you went through! :raritycry: Oh, and your welcome!

Yeah, poor Nyx doesn't always get as much love as I think she deserves, with her being an alicorn OC and all. But I still like Nyx and I still really enjoyed Penstroke's Past Sins.
And on that note, I'm glad you enjoyed my story. Thank you!

1400718 Yes, I am a fan of both Nyx and Nightmare. There so awesome! :yay: Your story is great! I liked the idea of the villains being the Element bearers, plus the way you wrote Discord was genius! Every time he's on there he just makes me laugh like crazy! :rainbowlaugh: Also, Nightmare's in it! Whenever I see a fanfic about her, I just HAVE to read it! :pinkiehappy: Final thing I wanna say, your story is awesome! Keep up the great work! :twilightsmile:

Hi there! I take it that you're a fan of Nyx and heroic Nightmare Moon too? Thank you for the favourite! :twilightsmile: Was there anything specific you liked about my story or do you just like the general idea behind it?

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