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Totally not Flaming Pizza's alt account.


If you've stumbled upon my page, congratulations, I guess. You've either found me commenting somewhere, were visiting my old account, or are a time-traveling mechanical duck who has happened to reverse the time-space continuum and ended up here. Most likely the latter. Anyway, this is not my alt account until I get un-banned for being too young. (NOVEMBERRRR) So I guess if you want to follow me you can. You can keep in contact with me here but also feel free to email me at buffalocabbages@gmail.com. I like getting emails ^u^

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The Hood

This is the account I go back to in November: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/FlamingPizza

Other information about me:
I was raised in Romania and fled my home to the motherland of Russia at the age of 8 to escape and arranged marriage. I then studied the art of cheesemaking with the famous Poozenboot, who also owns the world-famous floating home for foster cats. I now live happily in Lithuania with my 27 cousins and 49 brothers and sisters. And also I cat who I named Poozenboot after my cheesemaking master.

Real stuff about me:
--I'm 12
--I live in the US
--I'm a girl
--My real name is Bella, but I'll give you an invisible chicken if you call me Pizza
--I have a face c:
--I'm extremely active here on deviantArt, it's kinda taken the place of FimFiction since I've been banned.

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1378329 Hah... I remember when I was 8 and a site asked me that.

Of course, since I was 8, I didn't know what I was doing.

So I just put my age at somewhere around 20 and went crazy on the site.

Haven't been on it in forever...

1437657 She'll be back at around 11 November 2014 here

Hi. XD (Pizza!)


1378284 it's nothing to do with the content of the site itself, i don't think. The law is something like children can't be online without a parent when under 13, or something. I don't know the specifics. But go to any website out there with account creation and they'll probably ask if you're over 13, because of some legal thing that requires parents' permission, which is a tricky thing to get hold of in a way that's verifiable. It's easier to just not allow kids under 13 to use the site at all.

You cannot even begin to comprehend how much I hate banning accounts for being underage. It is easily my least favorite part of this job.

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