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Renegades, rebels and rogues.

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Miss Cherilee is the towns educator. The students see her as a happy, cheerful teacher. But Cherilee hates mornings. And almost anything for that matter. So come and see what the towns number one teacher is like in her ample morning hours before she leaves to educate Ponyvilles youth.

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When Lapis Lazuli struck out on her own many moons ago to live in the wastes but never once did she ever envision ever sharing her homestead with another pony let alone a child as young as Treble Clef, the Pegasus who followed her home nearly a year ago. So when one lives out in the wastes the day can be long and uneventful. Follow a simple day with the unicorn Lapis Lazuli and Treble Clef the pegasus for what a day was normally like in their first year together.
Based off two of the original characters for Equestria Lost by Darker Shadows & Lead_Colored_Sky

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A MLP alternate story based off of human history. What one would consider the coming of darker and morbid times.

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