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December Fanfic PSA · 4:28am Dec 15th, 2021

I keep seeing this in stories that reference the holidays, and I need to help clear it up:

The holiday is Hearth's Warming. Hearth's Warming Eve is the day before. Just like Christmas and Christmas Eve.

Okay? Okay.

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Ceffyl Dwr · 12:28am Jun 10th, 2019

If you hadn't encountered their stories here, Ceffyl Dwr had quite a talent for writing. I had not read enough of their stories but the ones I did read were fine works. From Here You Can See it All in particular was exceptionally moving, and I went back to it several times in spite of the tears it brought forth.

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Reporting FimFic users · 5:47am Oct 22nd, 2018

I don't mean to question the FimFic admins, but why isn't there an option to report users for "not finishing that story I like and really really really want the ending to"? :fluttershysad: I'm not saying writers should be banned from the site until they finish those stories, but surely they can be abducted and locked in cells with nothing but word processors, or something...

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Fire the Non-Canons! · 3:41am Sep 22nd, 2017

There was a story here on FimFic a couple of days ago, but it's gone now. Its plot isn't important here, except it revolved around Celestia having a centuries-old bias. The story was competently written, had a theme and a message it explored, got featured, had views and a pretty average thumbs-up to thumbs-down ratio; all standard stuff.

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Heat death · 5:06am Feb 3rd, 2017

Scientists still don't know for sure where our universe is going. And, unless magic results from currently undiscovered forces, Equestria's universe clearly differs from our own. But the current prevailing theory for the end of our universe is heat death: energy equally distributed everywhere. Absolute order. Maximum entropy. The universe will end cold, lifeless, and eternally inert.

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The Season 6 Finale and Fimfic [spoilers] · 1:38am Oct 26th, 2016

I can't say I care for the series 6 finale. Perhaps it's ironic that I don't care for the change, but they took the changelings—the most interesting villains of the show, the ones that offered more intriguing story possibilities than any others—and turned them into Breezies 2.0.

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Author and story recommendation · 2:28am Sep 19th, 2016

In an effort to spruce up my profile page beyond an icon and name, I realized some content was called for. At first I didn't know what, since as a lurker I've little to add. But aha, a blog post! Even someone like me, with all the creative talent of a dead rock, can manage one of those! And I even thought of a worthy subject: an author recommendation. Because there is an author on this site whose works get far too little attention, considering how amazing they are.

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