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I am a 18 year old brony (yah don't say?). I love writing and even though english isnt my original language, I think I am doing pretty good! I don't do submissions but I do like advice.


I'm back! · 6:42pm Dec 6th, 2014

Sorry bout the wait. My bro made a post when I left for Russia. It didn't show on the blog until I logged back on today! Apologies everywhere.

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This is pc's bro. · 6:37pm Dec 6th, 2014

PC will be gone for a few months. He is moving to Russia for some time to come. He will be posting again soon.

~PC's bro

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I need a editor! · 3:41pm Aug 24th, 2014

My original language is not english so im afraid my stories grammar might not be top notch so don't hate! If you think your grammar is better than mine I would be happy to let you be my editor. I am working on the first chapter of my story as I type this so its going to be going up sometime this week. If you are interested, comment or message me! Thanks a ton.


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