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I am a girl from Minecraftia, I have a amulet to keep me in control of my powers. So beware, if you make me mad. (I have an account on wwatpad)


Came Back · 3:13am Feb 9th, 2015

So, this time I'm going to go a different direction. The stories are still going to have Minecraft stuff in it, but I'm going to actually make reasons for one thing happening and so-and-so. Probably re-think the story multiple times and all that. I only usually write when I'm not bored, so don't expect it to be all that awesome. I prefer no hate for something that hasn't been explained yet, I rather you wait until it is explained instead of being an obnoxious and impatient brat...

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Thanks for the watch!

It's not done yet, that is why it is short

It no problem i like your story the only down side of it it is two short but non the less i like it

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