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Not enough Fizzle on this planet (but I've done my best to provide with more) · 9:47am Sep 28th, 2018


Update No. 2 (One Final Push) · 7:14pm Jul 31st, 2017

It's been a full year since I posted a new blog, let alone anything involving my stories and such.


I took a massive hiatus from this site, though sometimes I have come back now and then to reply to some PMs, edit a story for the hell of it, or even read a couple new fics here and there. Thought I mainly left because there's a decent amount of bad personal memories and people who I would much rather forget.

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A Bit Of An Update. · 3:06am Apr 4th, 2016

Hey guys. Haven't really been on much on this site than before. Got more personal stuff going on and all that, so I don't have much time and this site doesn't catch my interests too much.

I'm not leaving, that's guaranteed. Just giving a short explanation on why I've been gone for longer than usual. :twilightblush:

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I did it. · 12:27am Dec 30th, 2015


(Spoilers. MAJOR spoilers. If you don't want any, get the fuck out of here NOW.)

I took a lot of your guys' advice and went through with it. And didn't kill a single soul. Completely ignored the 'Fight' button and did act and mercy, not harming anyone. (Except Temmie. Gave her H0iVes.)

And I was able to complete a full True Pacifist Route and get the True Ending.



Just... wow.

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Undertale · 1:33am Dec 27th, 2015

I just got the game. I can already feel Sans down my spine...~

But seriously, can anyone give me some tips or whatnot before I start? Because as of right now, I'm going in blind.

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Would this make for a good story? · 5:36pm Dec 16th, 2015

Serious blog.

I need some opinions on this. Anything I can get.

This is based of some odd dream I had around a week ago or so. If i do make a one shot, some things might change, but here's the basic.

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Holy Shit. (Possible spoilers for a certain video game) · 6:43am Oct 27th, 2015

So.. I just finished playing The Walking Dead video game. The first season. All the way through Episodes 1-5.

(Yes, because it was free on the Xbox Marketplace. But.. Shit, it's The Walking Dead, for Christ's sake.)

I don't focus much, nor have I really watched The Walking Dead much, if at all. Only have I ever even seen the first and second episode for the television series. And that was... Pretty much it. No comics. Games. Nothing.

Well, until recently.

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200. · 5:00pm Oct 22nd, 2015

200 people.


Holy fuck.
90% of you just did so so you won't get fined, but whatever.

In all seriousness, guys... I don't really know what to say other than its about damn time other than.. Well, thank you for putting up with my shit and following an American Patriot.:rainbowkiss:

And as another plus, my main story has reached over 200+ likes.

So thank you for those who like to read my shit.:rainbowkiss:

Just... Thank you all.:pinkiesad2:

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