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Creator of stories, reviewer of shitty fanfics, and hangs out with a fictional lesbian couple. I also like sexy RPs.


It's coming · 6:30pm Sep 1st, 2014

I have submitted my first story and it is now waiting for approval.

Look out for it!


ULTIMA CROSSOVER! · 1:03am Aug 30th, 2014

Has someone made an ultima and mlp crossover yet? If there is, SEND LINK! I WANNA READ IT!

If not, I'll just make one.


Random thoughts #2 · 2:49pm Aug 29th, 2014

I finally made a guide for Road Trip AKA an Equestria Map with a black line running through Equestria.

It's basically where the 2 main characters are going through their trip.

You guys wanna see it?


Random thoughts #1 · 8:04pm Aug 25th, 2014

Yo, The Guy here. I really want to share some news about my upcoming stories, and other things, so I made a little blog series.

Ok, first off, today is the day I got my new vinyl record, Thriller by Michael Jackson. (25th anniversary. I've honestly never listened to the full thing, but I know some songs from it.

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FILLY SHIPPING · 9:50pm Aug 21st, 2014

Ok, I'm doing a poll right here. I want the best filly shipping in the comments. It's not going to be any ship, it's going to be MY ships, the ships I ship.

All I want is for you to type your favorite out of these choices:

Scootaloo X Sweetie Belle

Babs Seed X Silver Spoon

Apple Bloom X Diamond Tiara

Babs Seed X Snips

Scootaloo X Apple Bloom

The winning ship will get a one shot about them written by me. GO!


News about upcoming stories · 8:21pm Aug 15th, 2014

As of late, I am making some Fanfics about things. I'll give you a little sneak peak at some ideas I'm working on:

A FlutterDash fanfic
An epic middle earth-style fanfic with Babs and Trixie as the main characters.
A parody of Self Insert Gary Stu Red and Black Seventh Element Alicorn OC.
And a King Sombra redemption fanfic

Comment what you like to see first, and I shall work on that first!