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My name's Ari and I rarely write but sometimes proofread.

I'm plaguing the fandom with these so-called "stories"


whoa · 6:14am April 2nd

whoa what in the goddamn i havent logged in in years. i wanted to see just how different my old writing was from my new writing and needless to say i think i've improved a lot in terms of pacing my stories and making them flow better. i read a ton of comments people left years ago. also i write longer chapters now and i dont accidentally delete them, nor do i directly rip off other things anymore lmao!!

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Hi, I see you like Regular Show. I just submitted an RS/Pony crossover, maybe you'll wanna check it out when it gets approved? :twilightblush:

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks for the watch and fave on The Generation That Even Time Has Forgotten! Long name, I know :twilightsheepish:
You can see some random background information on it here, and if you wouldn't mind sharing your opinion on the story, than click here!
I mean, if you want to, anyway... :fluttershysad:

I'm another seventh grader on your page and you can't stop me :trollestia:

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